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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, one of the oldest towns on the Far East of Russia was founded in 1740. Many great navigators, scientists and travelers visited it. Its foundation the town owes to V. Bering and A. Chirikov. On October 6 (19), 1740 two boats St. Peter and St. Paul ships of the Second Kamchatka expedition - entered the Avacha Bay. This date is considered to be the date of foundation of the port.
Probably the most heroic page in the history of the town is the defense of the Petropavlovsk port the main Russian Navy base in the Pacific Ocean against English and French squadron in August 1854. Garrison of the port and sailors under the command of Kamchatka governor-general V. S. Zavoiko and the captain of Avrora cruiser I. N. Izylmetiev who arrived to help, did not let the enemy fulfill his far-going plans, by defeating his forces which were triple as many as the Russians.
Some streets of our town are named after the heroes of the Petropavlovsk defense S. Udaloi, A. Maksutov and others. The Nikolskaya Hill became a sacred place for the citizens and a monument to the brevity, gallantry and heroism.
Today if you look at Petropavlovsk from the view point on Petropvskaya Hill, the town looks like a bird which spread its wings streets along the coasts of the Avacha Bay. The whole history of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky counting 265 years is connected with the Avacha Bay. The name of the bay has Itelmeny origin but was given by Russians after the name of large river falling into it.
On July 10, 1740 navigator Ivan Fomich Elagin was sent by V. Bering to explore and describe the bay in order to place the ships of the Second Kamchatka expedition. The relief of surrounding banks, making the harbor a natural fortress near the estuary of the Avacha River, where the way to Bolsheretsk lied already familiar to the Russians, played the key role in defining a place for building a port.
The Avacha Bay contends with Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco for being the best port in the world.
Today 204.3 thousand people lives in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. It is a modern industrial port and town. It became a real scientific and cultural center of Kamchatka. In some sciences such as volcanology and seismology it became the only scientific center in the Far East and Russia. 14 Secondary and 11 high educational institutions are busy preparing working and scientific professionals.
Theatres: Drama Theatre and puppet theatre, musical schools and college play a great role n cultural life of the town. The town has unique museums: local lore, military and historical, art, geological, volcanic. Here were born two unique famous all over the world familiar to all music lover Kamchatka Choir and Kamchatka Chamber Orchestra.