Our company RED CAT install tour.
In museum of the nature we know the way,
Not in vain we are clever and deft as cats.

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Kamchatka is situated on the Far North-East of Russia and has a territory of 472.3 thousand sq. km. This territory includes the whole Kamchatka peninsular with adjoining part of the mainland and the Commandor Islands.
Kamchatka is a unique museum under the open sky, a territory of grand volcanoes and healing springs, numerous lakes, waterfalls, swift mountain rivers, created as a gift to the humanity. Here you can ski down the mountains, go rafting on the mountain rivers, ride horses or dog sledge, fly around volcanoes, try sport fishing and hunting.
This is truly a place of inexhaustible opportunities. Not only adults but children as well can have fascinating time in Kamchatka for example traveling to Nature Park Nalychevo.
The nature of Kamchatka is a specially protected territory. Here there are 2 state preserves 0 Kronotsky and Komandorsky; 5 nature parks Nalychevo, Yuzhno-Kamchatsky, Bystrinsky, Klyuchevskoy, Golubye Ozera (Blue Lakes). And also there is a state refuge of federal importance, 23 refuges of area importance, including mostly nesting places of waterfowl birds, 105 nature sights, 2 sanatorium and resort zones, restricted areas along spawning rivers, protected areas of water reservoirs.