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Territory and climate

Kamchatka (The Kamchatka Region and The Koryak autonomous area) have a territory of 472.3 thousand sq. km. (2.8% of the whole territory of Russia), including a part of a mainland, the Kamchatka Peninsula, Karaginsky and Komandorskie Islands. Its southern point lies at 51o latitude (approximately the same latitude as Dresden and Kiev), northern point is at 65o N latitude Arkhangelsk).
Its extent from North to South is 1600 km., from West to East in its narrowest part is 80 km., in widest 450 km.

The Kamchatka peninsula is the most unique mountain region in Russia. It is a part of the Pacific fire ring. It is washed by cold waters of the Sea of Okhotsk and Beringovo Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Along the meridian the Sredinny mountain Ridge (nearly 900 km.) divides Kamchatka into eastern and western parts.
Western part is a swampy lowland with plane coastal line, indented by hundreds of rivers flowing from the slopes of the Sredinny Ridge into the Sea of Okhotsk.
Eastern part is a valley of Kamchatka river flowing north between the Sredinny Ridge and Vostochny Ridge, which is a main part of western littoral coastal line. Deep-water gutter stretches along the ridge, coasts are steep, rocky and indented by bays and peninsulas. Kamchatka is a zone of high volcanic activity. At present on the territory of the peninsula there are 29 active, nearly 300 extinct and destroyed volcanoes and more then 2500 cones. There are many hot and cold springs and geysers. One of the most attractive places is East volcanic elevation with the highest volcanoes in Eurasia. The highest point (4850 m. above sea level) is a peak of Klyuchevskoy volcano.

Hundreds times a day - this is, probably, the most accurate description of Kamchatka weather. Because of the abrupt overfalls of temperature and pressure it changes right before your eyes. In the center of peninsula climate is continental I winters temperatures drop down to -40 degrees, summers have up to 30 degrees heat. On western coast climate is more mild and marine.

Average monthly air temperature:
Locality January July
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky -7,5 22,2
Elizovo -18,3 24,9
Paratunka (Sosnovka) -20,4 26,5
Milkovo -30,9 28,0
Esso (Anavgai) -35,6 32,9
Kozyrevsk -18,9 22,9
Klyuchi -20,1 25,6