Our company RED CAT install tour.
In museum of the nature we know the way,
Not in vain we are clever and deft as cats.

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About our firm

Striving for traveling was born together with the human. Tours around Kamchatka give people unique opportunity to learn something new, to see something unusual, to experience something unexplored and tourist firm Red Cat will help you in it.

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We wrote it with love to share the magic beauty of our Kamchatka peninsular with you. Tourist firm Red Cat is one of reliable tour operators in tours around Kamchatka and tour agent in tours to other countries. Our company offers you exclusive ecological tours around Kamchatka. Experienced trainers in mountain-climbing and tourism, guides will make your trips safe and interesting. Professional managers will help you in choosing tours, making your rest comfortable and pleasant. If you are not from Russia, our visa service officials will explain you all formalities in going through customs while crossing the boarder, supply you with all necessary documents for solving visa question.
By filling in the preliminary order form you will easily solve the problem with organizing tour in Kamchatka, no matter what country you are coming from. Traveling with our company you will open for yourself the country of two seas and grand Pacific Ocean, country of volcanoes and geysers, nature parks with rare species of plants, birds and animals.