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Summer ascents

001 Great journey around Kamchatka

Nobody forgets Kamchatka, its wild nature, impressive endless landscapes. They leave indelible impression In this Great journey around Kamchatka you will see all the best of our peninsular: single bays, clear rivers, active volcanoes, hot springs, wild animals. You will ascend a volcano, go rafting down the river, ride a horse in taiga, take a helicopter flight, visit some places rarely visited by humans.

Type of tourism: automobile and trekking.
Duration: 14 days 13 nights.
Period: June - September.
Quantity of tourists in one group: 8 18 persons.

Tour program:
1 day: Meeting at the airport. Accommodation at the hotel in Paratunka Resort area. Dinner, bathing in a swimming pool with thermal water, relax after the flight, acclimatization.
2 day: Cruise around Avacha Bay. We examine single Avacha Bay a place of nesting-sites for big bird colonies, by boat. Rocks Three brothers, sticking out of the water in the gate of the Bay and protecting its peace, are also considered to be one of the brilliant Bays adorning. Excursion takes 5-6 hours.
3-5 day: Bystraya River. We drive to the bank of Bystraya River, down which we will be rafting for the next few days. Wild landscapes, magnificent untouched scenery, animals and birds world are awaiting for us. Dinners near the fire, fishing and the whole ocean of new impressions. You will try fish-soup made from fresh fish. Overnight in tents on the bank of the river.
6 day: Bystraya River Avachinsky volcano. We arrive to the last point of our rafting Ust-Bolsheretsky bridge. We have just enough time to drive to the foot of Avachinsky volcano before dusk, enjoy evening sun and prepare for tomorrows ascent.
7 day: Ascent Avachinsky volcano. It takes 5-6 hours to reach the top of the volcano from where breathtaking panorama of blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and mountain peaks covered with snow opens before our eyes.
8 day: Avachinsky volcano Petropavlovsk/Paratunka. We return to civilization to rest from trekking and yesterdays ascent. This day is for recovering and bathing in the pool. Those who wish ay go for an excursion to the coast of the endless Pacific Ocean. Black sand, waves and seafood picnic are waiting for you.
9 day: The Valley of Geysers. Helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers. In the evening you will visit Itelmeni herd Pimchakh and enjoy a concert of the natives (native songs, dances and rites).
10-12 day: Secrets of the two volcanoes. We go to observation of the underground cave of Gorely volcano, take pictures of an 80-meters high waterfall at Opasniy canyon, ascent to the top of Mutnovsky volcano, see its active volcanic life. Last night we spend in tents by the hot springs Rodnikovye. Rest.
13 day: Rodnikovye springs - Petropavlovsk. Return to town. Dinner at the restaurant.
14 day: Seeing off at the airport.

Tour cost includes:  meeting and seeing off at the airport, transfers according to the program, accommodation at the hotel and breakfasts in Petropavlovsk, accommodation in tents on the route, excursions according to the program, base equipment, services of guides and cooks, dinner at the restaurant.

Tour cost does not include: dinners at the hotel in Petropavlovsk, helicopter excursion to the Valley of Geysers, personal equipment.

Tour cost per person in the group of 8: 1480$

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 1480$

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 1480$

Note: In case of bad weather conditions sea cruise around Avacha Bay may be changed to jeep tour along the serpentine coast of the Bay to the steep cape from where magnificent panorama to the gate of the Bay and its rocks Three brothers opens before your eyes.

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