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821 Trip to the feet of Avachinsky and Koryaksky volcanoes

In winter time the feet of volcanoes and their slopes are wonderful for mountain skiing, snowboarding and riding snowmobiles. For experienced mountain-climbers we can also offer to ascent Koryaksky volcano. Our base cam is situated at the foot of Avachinsky volcano 850 m high above sea level. The distance from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the camp is nearly 50 km. A part of this way (about 30 km) we ride a car on a good road, but the rest we make by snowmobiles in the channel of Sukhaya Rechka (Dry River). At the base camp you are accommodated in heated huts for 10 persons. Each hut has wooden two-tiered beds with mattresses, warm sleeping-bags and is heated with stoves. There is a dining hut for 40 persons.

Type of tourism: snowmobile + dog-team.
Duration: 1 to 3 days.
Period: December, 30 April.

Tour program:

Tour cost includes: 

Tour cost does not include: Tour cost does not include: transfers from the hotel.

Tour cost per person in the group of 8: 5250 rubles.

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 5250 rubles.

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 4500 rubles.

Note: transfer by microbus (12 seats) costs 350 rubles per hour. Approximate time on the way to the nursery is 1 hour 30 minute.

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