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810 Excursion to the Itelmeny village

We will show you the history and culture of one of Kamchatka indigenous peoples, native ensemble will perform for you. Itelmeny the name of this people means those who live here. The southern original boundary of settling is Cape Lopatka, Tigil River on western and Utka River on eastern shores. Ancient Itelmeny settlements were situated along the rivers Kamchatka (Uikaol), Elovka (Kootch), Bolshaya, Bystraya, Avacha and along the shores of the Avacha Bay. At the head was a small stockade consisting of several semi-dug-outs in which the members of one family commune (toyon) lived. The names of the toyons are still on the Kamchatka map: Nachiki, Avacha, Nalychevo, Pinachevo. The main occupation for this people was hunting for different animals: foxes, sables, bears, snow sheep; on the shores for sea animals: sea lions, seals. Itelmeny village is a stylized village of aborigines, situated in a birch forest under the mountain Ostraya near Topolovoy brook. It is 40 km. from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and 6 km. from Sosnovka settlement.

Type of tourism: automobile and walking.
Duration: 1 day.
Period: from June till October.

Tour program:
Itinerary: The itinerary begins with getting acquainted with the village which consists of summer and winter dwelling of Itelmens. Tourists see articles and souvenirs made by the locals. Guests participate in the purification rite. They are told about the traditions of the aborigines, shown native dances, offered native cuisine dishes (ukha, telno, grass tea). Departure from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Sosnovka settlement, excursion around the Itelmeny village, trip to Paratunka settlement, bathing in swimming pool with thermal water, barbeque-picnic.

Tour cost includes: 

Tour cost does not include: transfer, excursion program, meals on the route.

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 14 500 rubles

Note: take with you some clothing for bad weather (light raincoat and wind gear), comfortable shoes, mosquito spray, camera.

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