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807 Kurilskoe Lake - Ksudach volcano

This beautiful lake is one of the biggest spawning grounds for salmon, situated on the territory of Yuzhno-Kamchatsky (South-Kamchatka) Refuge, it has attracted attention of all nature lovers from long time ago. It is the third biggest lake in Kamchatka. The lake exists in a big hollow nearly 300 m. deep and 103 m. high above sea level surrounded by Ilinskiy volcano and Dikiy Ridge cutting it with their spurs. Bears walking along its coasts and fishing is an ordinary scene. You can even observe them when sitting on a special watch-tower. The sight of the Kurilskoe Lake is its islands. Serdtse Alaida (Alaids Heart) pink rock which has the shape of a heart is an island with a great colony of seagulls; also Tchayachiy and Samang islands. South-west of the Ilinskiy volcano is Teplaya (Hot) Bay, its coast is littered with hot mineral water springs heating the waters of the bay. Kurilskoe Lake is a refuge and a zoological nature sight at the same time, and also a natural laboratory of TINRO.

Type of tourism: helicopter and walking.
Duration: 7 hours, flight time 2 hours 50 min.

Tour program:
Flight to the lake, landing on cape Travyanoi / source of Ozernaya River, excursion, observing salmon going for spawning and bear fishing, flight over pumice rocks Kutkhiny Baty, flight to the volcano Ksudach, landing near Klyuchevoe Lake, swimming on the Goryachiy plyazh (Hot beach), lunch, return flight to Elizovo town.

Tour cost includes:  helicopter flight time, walking excursions with guide, meals on the route, permission documents for visiting specially protected territories, medical insurance.

Tour cost does not include: transfer to the airport.

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 21900 rubles.

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 16300 rubles.

Note: depending on weather conditions itinerary, date and time of departure can be made. Clothing and equipment: wind coat (preferably with hood), light and comfortable boots. Do not forget your camera and film, batteries, mosquito spray, bathing suit.

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