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701 Vilyuchinsky waterfall

Vilyuchinsky waterfall is the prettiest cascade of water approximately 30-40 m. high, which appeared as a result of melting of large snow-drift. Falling vertically down the cliff adjoining the slope of Vilyuchinsky volcano this waterfall leaves indelible impression by its grand beauty.

Type of tourism: automobile and trekking.
Duration: 1 day.
Period: June - October.
Quantity of tourists in one group: 10-12 persons.

Tour program:
10:00 by an off-road track we depart from town and drive to the slopes of Vilyuchinsky volcano. We walk to the waterfall by the forest road which transforms into the thin path made out of volcanic bombs. The last 500 m. of our way we go on the snow-drift so here we enjoy a double effect of warmth and coolness at the same time. We rest near the waterfall. Ascent is not difficult and tourists of any age can make it. After admiring the beauty of the waterfall and the sights we follow the familiar path and return to the vehicle. Then we drive to the foot of Goryachaya Hill. We leave our vehicle on a clearing with several places for fire and go up the hill to Verkhneparatunskie springs. The ascent is rather steep but not long (no longer then 50 m.). Hot springs (quantity of 16) transform into 3 brooks flowing parallel with each other. Flowing down the hill they form warm waterfalls and natural baths where you can relax with great pleasure. Water temperature in these springs is 39-70oC, in baths 39-45oC. After resting in springs we return to town. 20:00 arrive to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Tour cost includes:  transfer in town and on the route, guide, cook, meals, excursion.

Tour cost per person in the group of 8: 1200 rubles

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 1200 rubles

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 1200 rubles

Note: ?Each tourist must have comfortable waterproof shoes, hat or cap, mosquito spray, sun screen, sun glasses, camera. Children under 12 years old must be accompanied by parents. This route is not recommended for persons in need of medical cure and constant doctor supervision.

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