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502 Skiing to Nature Park 'Nalychevo'

Thermal springs of the Nalychevo hollow are an inter-mountain hollow covered with park forest of stone birch (Ermans birch tree). From each side it is surrounded by grand peaks of active and extinct volcanoes. There are 7 groups of thermal springs in the Nalychevo Valley. Among them there are Talovskiye hot springs, which are one of the most exotic springs of the Nalychevo hollow. The Dzendzursky volcano is a unique volcano in its fumarol extractions. Close to this volcano there are Dzendzurskie and Kraevedcheskie hot springs.

Type of tourism: helicopter and trekking (ski tour).
Duration: 8 days 7 nights.
Quantity of tourists in one group: 4 12 persons.

Tour program:
1 day: Meeting at the airport. Accommodation at the hotel, dinner.
2 day: Helicopter excursion to Nature Park Nalychevo. You will have an amazing journey to the Talovskiye hot springs, dip into natural thermal pools, which are available not to every tourist.
3 day: Dzendzur Volcano + fumarolic grounds. Early in the morning the group starts skiing in direction of the foot of Dzendzur Volcano to the pass (11 km.). Amazing panorama of volcanoes and mountains will open before your eyes. You will also see fumarolic grounds.
4-5 day: Nature Park "Nalychevo". Skiing to the Nalychevo Valley, it takes 11 km. (time on the route 3 hours). There is excursion program and also hot springs, in which you can bathe and warm yourself after skiing, awaiting for you in the Nalychevo Valley. Accommodation in warm huts.
6 day: ?Skiing to Semenovskiy cordon. We ski to Semenovskiy cordon through Pinachevskiy Pass. This route takes about 6 hours. Overnight in shelter skite.
7 day: Paratunka Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Skiing. The distance from Semenovskiy cordon to the point of destination is 20 km. (4-5 hours). We take a car and drive to Razdolny settlement, bathe in swimming pool. Return to the hotel.
8 day: Seeing off.

Tour cost includes:  meeting and seeing off at the airport, transfers on the route, accommodation at the hotel in Petropavlovsk, accommodation and meals on the route, services of guide and cook.

Tour cost does not include: helicopter flight time.

Tour cost per person in the group of 8: 980$

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 980$

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 980$

Note: Ski-tour requires a sport training. This route is not recommended for persons in need of medical cure and constant doctor supervision.

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