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501 'Tambourine heart beat is the whole life of a nomad'

Sacred word in three breaths. In it there is a wind howling, clatter of hooves: tambourine heart beat is the whole life of a nomad! Adobe for those whose home is nature. The Evens and the Koryaks. Nomadic existence for them is the way of life, essential feature of the character. Search for new life, happiness, new land and new horizon is a difficult way that became the base of their life, their spirit and destiny. Ancient traditions of the ancestors have a life continuation in modern life of the Evens and the Koryaks in Kamchatka. You will visit a real reindeer herd which settles on the bank of mountainous river 2 km. away from Anavgai settlement. On its territory there are Even and Koryak dwellings yurtas and yarangas, wooden statuettes safely guard paths, protecting sacred hearth from evil spirits. You can also observe and take part in a process of manufacturing and working up of deer skins, making bright wares and souvenirs from beads, wooden and bone carvings together with master craftsmen. You will try traditional cuisine lunch in yurta, near the open fire, soup from deer meat, fish soup and Kamchatka grass tea. The tea is gathered by hand and prepared according to the traditional recipes from ecologically clean grass. Tea gathering is certified and such tea s recognized to be curative. Program includes: way of life of a nomad, native even ensemble concert, seeing caribou, horse-riding, excursion program with visiting museums, native games, lunch in yurta.

Type of tourism: automobile and trekking.
Duration: 11 days 10 nights.
Period: December - March.
Quantity of tourists in one group: 10 12 persons.

Tour program:
1 day: Meeting at the airport. Accommodation at the tourist resort, bathe in the swimming pool, rest from the flight, dinner.
2 day: Esso. Car transportation to Esso settlement. The road is long but interesting. Tundra is changed by taiga, you will see a wonderful view of the biggest active volcano in Europe and Asia. Esso will great you with silence and pacification. You will send the next few days in this magic place. Overnight in a hotel, dinner.
3 day: Excursion around Esso. This day is devoted to the excursion around the settlement, we will visit ethnographic museum. You will see unique shaman things, original attributes of Kamchatka aborigines. In the evening bathing in the swimming pool and dinner. Overnight in the hotel.
4 day: Visiting shamans. We take a ride to Anavgai settlement. Lunch in yurta on a real even reindeer herd. Local people will tell you about their history and way of life through their songs and dances. Return to Esso.
5 day: Dog-sledding. Feel unification with fabulous winter nature and animals, enjoy amazing view of mountains, valleys and conifers forests covered with snow.
6 day: Return to Petropavlovsk. Accommodation at the hotel, dinner, rest.
7 day: Free time. You can order any of one-day excursions if you wish.
8 ????: Transfer to the airport.

Tour cost includes:  Meeting and seeing off at the airport, transfers according to the program, accommodation at the hotel in Petropavlovsk, accommodation in Esso, breakfasts in Petropavlovsk, full board meals on the route, concert of native ensemble, lunch in yurta, excursion programs on he route, services of guide and cook.

Tour cost does not include: dinners at the hotel in Petropavlovsk, helicopter flight time to the reindeer herd, additional excursion (day 7).

Tour cost per person in the group of 8: 1580$

Tour cost per person in the group of 10: 1580$

Tour cost per person in the group of 15: 1580$

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